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The Cree Family


We have lived in Moignes Court for 8 Generations and at the moment there are 4 Generations living here full time! we love living with our extended family and it is our intention to make moignes court a creative place full of exciting events and workshops that inspire the local community.

 Ralph, Dizzi and Ocean Cree



 Hello! We are Ralph, Dizzi, Solar and Ocean Cree. Ralph  is the 7th generation of Cree to live at Moignes Court, and our sons Ocean and Solar are the 8th generation!  We love this beautiful building with a passion, and feel its beauty is amplified when it is buzzing with people and creative energy! That is why we have decided to create and host many community groups and activities here.

Ocean and Solar are lovely bright and friendly little boys who love drums, tractors and playing in the garden! We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to live here and want to make the most of this place by sharing it with our community.


Alex, Penny Ruben and Phoenix Cree13690622_10153574315241193_7497544250938883980_n

Hi there! We are Alex, Penny, Ruben and Phoenix Cree. We live and practice our art at Moignes Court and in the lovely countryside of Dorset and the Jurassic Coast! Alex grew up here and we’ve always dreamed of coming back to make a home for our growing family. 
We left london in 2013 just before our first son Ruben was born. Its such an amazing place for our children to grow up and play freely in woods and gardens of Moignes Court estate. Our youngest boy Phoenix is now 3 months old and is looking forward to frowing up side by side with his cousins who all live here together!



For more information about each member of the team at Moignes Court please have a look at our indiviual information pages. This is where we can tell you about our specialist skills, what creative attributes we offer and what energy we each bring to Moignes Court  to make it into the awesome place that it is today!